Amos by Spacecom

Spacecom is a leading global satellite services provider offering a variety of broadcasting and communications services for television channels and programmers, direct broadcast operators, government organizations and terminal networks for data and broadband services. Today, Spacecom is an established market leader in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America and recently expanded its service into Southeast Asia, China and Russia. Spacecom is a mature and dynamic operator with strong financial backing and is rapidly expanding its international services while maintaining personalized attention to its customers.

Spacecom’s AMOS fleet is a constellation of advanced satellites at multiple orbital locations. AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 are co-located at the 4°W ‘hot spot’ to deliver a wide range of communications and broadcasting services to Europe and the Middle East. AMOS-5, located at 17°E, delivers high-power C-band and Ku-band capacity to the entire African continent, Europe and the Middle East. Launched in 2013, Spacecom’s AMOS-4 satellite established a new orbital position at 65°E, providing a full range of satellite services for Russia, China and Southeast Asia. AMOS-6, planned for launch in 2015 to the 4˚W orbital location, will be co-located with AMOS-3 to provide high-powered coverage over Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With the addition of AMOS-6, Spacecom will enter into the HTS Ka-band 'spot beams'-based broadband services over Africa and Central Eastern Europe.

Spacecom strives to extend the reach, capabilities and service offerings of the AMOS satellite constellation to provide high quality satellite communications services and exceed customer service expectations.

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